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TBT Tanbkbau Technik is a Company which is headquarted in Istanbul/Turkey. Our company is predominantly represented in Vessel and Tank manufacturing.

TBT produces vessels of all kinds and offers you for all requirements the appropriate vessel with the relevant approvals.

Due to our longstanding experience in the pressure vessel and Equipment construction, we are a competent partner for your requirements.

As a certified Welding Company according to EN ISO 3834-2/AD HP 0 we design and manufacture pressure vessels according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and AD 2000 Code. Our team of engineers plans, designs and calculates your projects with our professional knowledge and the most modern data technology. All standard welding processes are used in our production. As a part of the vessel and equipment construction, primarily we use the reliable SAW method (Column Boom System). Non-destructive tests like VT, PT and UT are performed by our own staff, which is approved according to EN 473 ( EN ISO 9712 ). We design and manufacture


  1. Pressure vessel and equipments
  2. Mixer vessels
  3. Storage vessel
  4. Liquid gas vessel
  5. Compressed air tank
  6. Filter vessel
  7. Wastewater treatment tanks
  8. Special constructions

Our business partners receive a complete service from us - from planning up to commissioning. Customer satisfaction is the most important step. Due to our long experience and our well-skilled staff, we offer a competent partner who will accompany you in your projects.

Furthermore, our team is very flexible and sloves problems immediately. We work on short ways and offer you a high quality. As our customer, you will benefit from our expert knowledge and our experience to manage projects fast and successfully.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (via telephone or e-mail.) TBT is pleased to answer all your questions personally –competent and naturally without any obligation.


Always follow and compose the nevest technologies  by keep our skyline as far as  to posibilities of the engineering science.
Develop economic and pratical solitions  by the route  of  ''customers facility and expectation''.  Provide %100 customer satisfaction.


Manufacture our products to wordwide and in global standarts  by our staffs aducation and experience.
Be pattern to companies expecialy which are headquarted in Turkey and give direction to sector  with our quality,  working discipline and technology.

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